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What is GRE Subject Biology?

Arrow A standardized test by ETS
Arrow Paper-based only (no CBT version)
Arrow 200 multiple-choice questions
Arrow 170 minutes
Arrow 115$ in the U.S. and U.S. Territories, 140$ in all other locations

How to study for GRE Subject Biology?

There are many exam resources (i.e. study materials) for GRE Subject Biology.
In the GRE Subject Biology bulletin by ETS, there are the following parts of the topics for the exam:

                     I. Cellular and Molecular Biology 33-34%
II. Organismal Biology 33-34%
   III. Ecology and Evolution 33-34%

GREBIO presents:

GRE Subject Biology Summary eBook

This eBook contains excepts from the following textbooks related to the
"Cellular and Molecular Biology" part of GRE Subject Biology in 45 pages.

1. Molecular Biology of The Cell (Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts & Walter)

2. Biochemistry (Stryer)

3. Genetics (Weaver & Hedrick)


Biochem plusCell plus Genetics

Biochemistry, Cell, Genetics Summary Bracket

GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Summary eBook


In other words, the following topics, which are present in the "Cellular and Molecular Biology" part
of GRE Subject Biology, are excerpted from the above textbooks:

A. Cellular Structure and Function 16-17%

1. Biological compounds
   Macromolecular structure and bonding
   Abiotic origin of biological molecules
2. Enzyme activity, receptor binding, and regulation
3. Major metabolic pathways and regulation
   Respiration, fermentation, and photosynthesis
   Synthesis and degradation of macromolecules
   Hormonal control and intracellular messengers
4. Membrane dynamics and cell surfaces
   Transport, endocytosis, and exocytosis
   Electrical potentials and neurotransmitters
   Mechanisms of cell recognition, cell junctions,
   and plasmodesmata
   Cell wall and extracellular matrix
5. Organelles: structure, function, and targeting
6. Cytoskeleton, motility, and shape

   Actin-based systems
   Microtubule-based systems
   Intermediate filaments
   Bacterial flagella and movement
7. Cell cycle, growth, division, and regulation

B. Genetics and Molecular Biology 16-17%

1. Genetic foundations
   Mendelian inheritance; Pedigree analysis
   Prokaryotic genetics (transformation,
   transduction, and conjugation)
   Genetic mapping
2. Chromatin and chromosomes
   Chromosomal aberrations
   Polytene chromosomes
3. Genome sequence organization
   Introns and exons; Single-copy and
   repetitive DNA
   Transposable elements
4. Genome maintenance
   DNA replication; DNA mutation and repair
5. Gene expression and regulation in prokaryotes
   and eukaryotes: mechanisms
   The operon; Promoters and enhancers;
   Transcription factors; RNA and protein
   synthesis; Processing and modifications
   of both RNA and protein
6. Gene expression and regulation: effects
   Control of normal development; Cancer
   and oncogenes
   Signaling mechanisms in cells
7. Immunobiology
   Cellular basis of immunity; Antibody
   diversity and synthesis
   Antigen-antibody interactions
8. Bacteriophages, animal viruses, and plant viruses
   Viral genomes, replication, and assembly
   Virus-host cell interactions
9. Recombinant DNA methodology
   Restriction endonucleases; Blotting and
   Restriction fragment length polymorphisms;
   DNA cloning, sequencing, and analysis;
   Polymerase chain reaction

This unique study resource was prepared specifically for students taking GRE Subject Biology.

This eBook is a chapter-by-chapter summary of the Biology, Cell Biology and Genetics textbooks. Only topics that are relevant to the exam were summarized in this eBook. Reading thousands of pages from textbooks will cost you months of time. However, reading 62 pages of this summary eBook should take you no more than a day or two. Even if you have studied the textbooks, this eBook will be a perfect guide and study material to review your knowledge.

Since Stryer's Biochemistry has many details that are irrelevant to the GRE Subject Biology exam topics, many chapters and unnecessary details of some chapters were eliminated. The same was done to the summaries of the other two textbooks, but to a lesser extent, since more relevant details are present in them. As a result, our Summary eBook became a useful nutshell of all the concepts that are described in the textbooks listed above, which are expected to be on the GRE Subject Biology exam.

What are the other benefits of having this eBook?

Well, first of all, there are about 10-15 sales of this eBook per week - which means that many people who are going to take the GRE Subject Biology test, at the same test date that you are planning to take, already have this handy refresher Summary eBook. Why should you give others any advantage over you? Why should you be one step behind them?

The second reason: This Summary eBook will be useful to any Molecular Biologist or Biochemist even beyond the GRE Subject Biology test - you can always go back to this nutshell reference and quickly search, by using "Search" function in the PDF file, any term or concept you want to review during your MS or PhD thesis project. This eBook also has an index, which makes the printed version of the eBook easy to navigate too.

The third reason: The contents of our Summary eBook are 100% relevant to the exam topics (see ETS website). If you start reading any other textbook, say Stryer's Biochemistry for example, you will encounter many chapters that are irrelevant to the GRE Subject Biology test. Even the chapters that are mainly related to the GRE Subject Biology test will contain many irrelevant topics that are not worth spending your precious pre-exam time on. Therefore, by buying our Summary eBook you are not only buying a good study guide for the exam and a useful reference future academic career, but you are also buying yourself a lot of time for the exam preparation.


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45 pages


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GRE Subject
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